15 May 2006

Another birthday

Yes, it's true. My oldest child has offically reached the double digit years. It's hard to believe that ten years ago I brought this angel into the world.

It's amazing how time flies. He used to be so dependant on me, and now... Well, only if he wants to be fed or clothed.

One of these days I hope that he will slow down in growing up... But, he is showing more affection now than he did a few years ago. Maybe Mom isn't as bad as he first thought!

But what Mom couldn't love a face like this!

Happy Birthday Jake!

08 May 2006


We have puppies! Yes, Spring is here in the country! Our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Tater Tot, has given birth to her second litter. Three boys and three girls make up this colorful litter. We have 4 tri-colored and 2 red and whites. They were born on Tuesday, May 2nd. Tater is a great mom, she is actually too good of a mom and allows the little ones to nurse as long as they want to... And if that wasn't awesome enough, did you notice the stranger in the picture?

Yes, we also have an adopted baby kitten! My husband found it in the back of his other truck. It had been abandoned by its mother. So we have been feeding it, and Tater has been caring for it. We don't know what the sex is yet, but it is very healthy. He was about 12 hours old when we found him and his sibling, who didn't make it, that's how we knew it had been abandoned... :(

Happy Spring, finally!