13 July 2006

Growing Up

To me the end of being a baby and the beginning of being a kid is the first haircut. I postpone it as long as I can, always. The fine hair and curls are just wonderful; they make me believe that they can go on staying little forever. Then reality hits you when you actually have to cut the hair because they can no longer see clearly... Well that has finally happened. My littlest one went from being my baby to being a big kid...
I had to sit him down and do away with all of those wonderful curls. His hair was starting to look like he had dreadlocks in the back and it was coming over his eyes. So now my little man can see where he is going.
Doesn't he look older now?! I can hardly believe that they are the same kid. Aww well, he won't stop growing, this was inevitable. Doesn't make it any easier though...

07 July 2006

First of the bounty we planted

We have finally started to get some of our vegetables up in the garden. We've been keeping an eye on them, just waiting and waiting. Well our wait is finally over! :)

Here is the first of our radishes and peas. There weren't too many peas for the first round, but we are now inundated with radishes. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all of them! I am going to try to pickle some of them, though. My husband got crazy planting these, but I don't want them to go to waste. Last time he planted so many, my horses got the excess... And yes, they loved them!

Here is our giant radish! My husband is a big guy and this is definitely a big radish! I hope that everything else comes up just as good. I already know that the carrots won't be in such a hearty abundance, as my loving Jeff sprayed them with weed killer! Yep, couldn't believe that either. :)

04 July 2006

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!
Stay safe and enjoy the show!

03 July 2006

Everything is just GREEN!

Our homestead is starting to look like a beautiful place again! It's amazing all of the hard work that goes into making a house a home. I cannot take credit for all of this beautiful work. No credit must be given to my better half, Jeff. He has blinders on when yard work needs to be done, forsaking all other chores so that our lawn will be green and lush. He truly loves working out there and making the whole place beautiful. My littlest son, Joe, takes after his dad in that respect. It doesn't matter what the temperature, he wants to be out there playing or working... Me, I'm not that type. Once the weather gets below30 degree Fahernheit, I don't spend too much time outside. But, I admit that I don't like the hot weather either. The heat seems to bring out all of those bugs that hold a buffett on any exposed skin. I could really do without them!

Farmer Joe is hard at work here, helping Dad to clean up the backyard. He is my only child, out of 3, that will clean anything without being asked. It's really too cute! Just give him a rag and some water and he's out there scrubbing the tables, the slide, the porch, his tractor, anything. His grandparents love it! Especially since his dad doesn't clean anything that isn't truck related, and never has. :) I guess there is a bit of me in there after all!