17 March 2011

Day 5

Okay, so I've been actually on the diet for 5 days but only 3 of those actually involve any dieting... So what are the results your are asking? Well, actually I am 3.8lbs lighter since beginning... I eat a lot and I mean alot of veggies for this, and I drink lots of water, as well as teas...

So far I think that I am doing good. According to the spread sheet, I have had some good fat loss and have like 13 more days before I have somewhat met my goal! Now how exciting is that!!
And you know, I want to celebrate with something that looks just like this:

That would be just a nice celebration, but alas I probably won't because then I will have to diet again... But maybe just a small bite or two or six...

So I would say I'm doing good. Now I'm going to have to warn you, after a few days of trial and error I think that I have a system down. Don't eat all of your lunch or dinner at that time. I've been having enough veggies, that I can save out the fruit for a couple of hours later, so essentially I am eating every few hours... I'm just curious to see how this is going to work, since I start my night shift rotation tonight and that is six nights of having my schedule backwards!

I know that is exactly the way I feel!!!

13 March 2011

The Diet

Okay so today is the first day of my diet. I hate to admit it but I'm close to 25lbs overweight!! I mean honestly, how did that happen? Was it the late night Hostess Cupcake attacks or perhaps the too die for birthday cake from Kelly Carson of Rhonda's Cakes? I just really don't honestly know... Or maybe I do know and I'm just not willing to own up to it. But I guess I have since here I am blogging about it.

So I'm going to try this HCG diet that you hear so much about, but never really know anyone who does it. Well, I'm your guinea pig. I'd much rather be "your huckleberry," but I don't think Doc Holliday is going to save me from what lies ahead.

So I placed my order from HCG BodyShaper. They say that they have the real stuff, they even provide a pregnancy test to prove it. So it is sitting in my fridge in the garage all nice and cold, like it is supposed to be.

The first day you are supposed to eat whatever you want while taking these drops three different times during the day for two days. It is day 3 that gets you, when you are supposed to consume a very low calorie diet.

So here is where you get to benefit from my ramblings. For the next 26 days I'm going to tell you about my experience, whether I succeed or fail. After all, why spend money if it's not going to work for you.

Now I have to add in my disclaimer, because I know there is going to be someone out there who reads this and decides to start this diet without medical supervision or worse not read up on what to expect. So PLEASE BEFORE BEGINNING ANY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN. I am advocating for you to do that first, no matter what your goals are.

So here is to a successful experience, no matter what the results are...