17 March 2011

Day 5

Okay, so I've been actually on the diet for 5 days but only 3 of those actually involve any dieting... So what are the results your are asking? Well, actually I am 3.8lbs lighter since beginning... I eat a lot and I mean alot of veggies for this, and I drink lots of water, as well as teas...

So far I think that I am doing good. According to the spread sheet, I have had some good fat loss and have like 13 more days before I have somewhat met my goal! Now how exciting is that!!
And you know, I want to celebrate with something that looks just like this:

That would be just a nice celebration, but alas I probably won't because then I will have to diet again... But maybe just a small bite or two or six...

So I would say I'm doing good. Now I'm going to have to warn you, after a few days of trial and error I think that I have a system down. Don't eat all of your lunch or dinner at that time. I've been having enough veggies, that I can save out the fruit for a couple of hours later, so essentially I am eating every few hours... I'm just curious to see how this is going to work, since I start my night shift rotation tonight and that is six nights of having my schedule backwards!

I know that is exactly the way I feel!!!

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