30 August 2006


It's been a busy week. School started last week and I have 3 classes, which is not really easy to do since I work 12 hours a day, but I'm getting it. My textbooks have finally all arrived. That in itself was quite the chore to accomplish. I ended up ordering 1 book 3 different times; it finally arrived on the third try. Can you imagine!

Anyways, I've been busy with that and my older 2 kids started school this past Monday. Thank goodness, we were starting to really get on each other at the end. :0) So, woohoo!!!

I'll get a little more in detail next time around, I promise!

23 August 2006

How Frustrating!

Okay, this is just going to be a short rant, but I have to get it out.

I ordered my textbooks through ecampus.com, paid for 2 day air, as classes were starting and I needed the books. Well, I get the confirmation that they were sent and guess what.... They sent them by ground! Instead of arriving yesterday, they are set to arrive tomorrow. Now I know that doesn't seem bad, but my first assignment is due on Friday for two classes and I don't even have the books yet! URG!!! Do not order from these people unless you have lots of time to spare. Oh, and they haven't refunded me the difference. I guess that I should be grateful that I'm even getting my textbooks in the first place.... What!!!

Hope the rest of my day goes better than this! And I hope that your day goes better as well! :)

22 August 2006

What a day!

Wow! Who knew that the first day of classes would be so weird. I am taking 3 online classes this semester through 2 different colleges. The Natural Resource Ecology class was ready to go first thing in the morning. I was able to view assignments and know what I had to do by when. My other two classes didn't come up at all. But, I woke up this morning to one of them being ready. That class has a lot of team projects, hopefully they will turn out better than most of the team projects that I have had in the past; you know one or two people doing all of the work while the rest of the team gets credit... But my second class has still not come up yet... While I'm glad that there is not as much work due by Friday, it is still a bummer to know that I have one day less to complete whatever will be due... Hopefully, this semester will just go by fast and it will all be over with shortly, with me much more informed than before... :)

I have also finished a small little project for my friend, Lisa. It was her birthday last week and I sent her this lovely emory filled pillow to store her needles and keep them sharp. I know that the picture does not do it justice, as it has many beads, but I think that you all can still see it's beauty.

21 August 2006

Summer's just about over

I can't believe that another summer is just about over. I'm starting classes today and my 2 older children start school next Monday. The year is just flying by.

I know that I haven't been around much. I have had a few problems creep up that needed fixed and then I had a few bad experiences with people not following through on their online committments. That whole experience just kind of soured me to wanting to be on the internet. I was punishing myself for not being a better judge of character. But, I'm slowly coming around and I am looking forward to re-establishing my online friendships. So, please forgive my lapse of judgement.