23 August 2006

How Frustrating!

Okay, this is just going to be a short rant, but I have to get it out.

I ordered my textbooks through ecampus.com, paid for 2 day air, as classes were starting and I needed the books. Well, I get the confirmation that they were sent and guess what.... They sent them by ground! Instead of arriving yesterday, they are set to arrive tomorrow. Now I know that doesn't seem bad, but my first assignment is due on Friday for two classes and I don't even have the books yet! URG!!! Do not order from these people unless you have lots of time to spare. Oh, and they haven't refunded me the difference. I guess that I should be grateful that I'm even getting my textbooks in the first place.... What!!!

Hope the rest of my day goes better than this! And I hope that your day goes better as well! :)

1 comment:

Barbara said...

All good things have to start with a glitch. ;> Good luck getting that assignment done.