23 March 2006

The Wyoming Project...

I received a comment from Daniel Hoffman-Gill regarding what life in Big, Wonderful Wyoming is like. So here are his questions and my answers:

Wyoming is very empty - Wyoming is very open and uncrowded. The entire population of the state is less than the wildlife population. We have more antelope, elk, deer, bears, horses, and other wildlife, than we have people. Most of our land is federally protected, used for recreation and mineral extraction. Wyomjng is not empty, it is just not a full or crowded like other states.

Wyoming is very Republican - Yes, this is true. Except in counties that are rich in mineral extraction. We do have a Democratic governor, Dave Freudenthal and you are in a minority if your are a Democratic. I am a very conservative Democrat, so we aren't that hard to find!

Wyoming is very white - Wyoming's majority population is white, yes. We do have represtatives of all nationalities however. Rock Springs proudly claims to be the home of 51 nationalities. It is no surprise, because Wyoming has the cheapest out of state tuition of most of the colleges in the nation. We have a very large population from the East because of this!

Wyoming likes Dick Cheney - He has roots in Wyoming, therefore he is well liked here, regardless of all of the bad. Wyoming is a place where you support your own.

Wyoming doesn't like booze - Very wrong! I read your blog, you're a bit off base on this. Wyoming has a very large population of LDS members and while they are adamantly opposed to the consumption of liquor, it is not the belief of all. Wyomings legal drinking age used to be 19 year old. It was changed in the last 10 years because the Federal Government blackmailed the state by withholding highway funds. If no for that, it would probably still be 19 years old. Oh and by the way, most all of our liquor stores have a drive up window, so you don't have to get out of the vehicle! :)

Wyoming hates Bill Clinton - Yeah, but we hate Hilary worse! She already had her 8 years in office and yet she wants to run again! Me personally, I liked him, but that is not the general concensus of the population...

Wyoming would be a bad place for me, Daniel Hoffman-Gill, to live - Probably. (edited due to mis-understanding) Especially if you like amenities not typically found in smaller towns. This is a great place to live, especially if you are raising a family! We have abundant indoor and outdoor activities to include: hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, 4-wheeling, archery, skiing, snowboarding, and motocross. We also have some wonderful museums and opportunities of all sorts. We also have very low amounts of crime and pollution. We also have some of the most beautiful skies because of the lack of pollution!

I live here because I choose to. I like the fact that my neighbor can't see in my backyard and that I can walk outside in my PJ's and not offend any one. I have to drive about 80 miles to get to the nearest big city, and as much as I love the shops and restaurants there, I wouldn't live there if I had to! I grew up in the Los Angeles, California area most of my life, and while I enjoy going back to visit now and again, I would NEVER live there again! I know people who would never leave though, including the majority of my family... Too each his own, right?

So I hope that I have answered your questions to your liking. But we are all not like you "pretending to be someone else, hiding behind a wall of alter - egos." Some of us would just as soon invite a person in for dinner that would like to have a conversation. I have met many individuals who have shown such random acts of kindness since I have lived here, that it can't help but infect a person to do the same...

17 March 2006

Great day!

Today has been wonderful! I wish I had more like today! All of my kids behaved excellent, except for the one who sprayed me with mixed vegetables... :) Ah, well, can't win them all... I had a wonderful mail day, as well... I've been so good, so I think that I deserved my treat that came in the mail. I ordered some of the new Lizzie Kate ornaments and another Jeannette Douglas sampler. I would love to get a few more of them, as I think that they are just wonderful!

Today is also my husband's birthday! He is getting old! So I made him a special dinner of sausage and chicken gumbo (really delicious and filling), a white cake with triple chocolate frosting (okay, I admit, this is more for me! ) and put some shamrock shaped sugar cookies in his lunch... So help me in wishing my loving spouse a very Happy Birthday!!

Hugs to you all!

13 March 2006

What kind of Ice Cream are you?

You Are Chocolate Ice Cream

Dramatic. Powerful. Flirty.
I knew I loved chocolate ice cream for a reason!

Round 2

Yes, round two came about last week. I had a house full of sick people, and it was not fun considering most of them were under 2 years old. There is some nasty virus going around and it found our house last week... Needless to say, I didn't spend too much time doing anything productive, just taking care of children, my husband and me... :( I know that this week will be better! It has to be better!

The weather here has decided that winter is definitely going to happen, finally. We have had high's in the teen's, with the windchill and right now it is 10 degrees F. But still no sign of snow or rain or anything else that resembles moisture... As much as I love winter, for the snow, I wish that spring would arrive and give way to these terrible temperatures that we have been having!

So now that the household is feeling better, I will make every effort to keep my blog more up to date. Sorry for that!

Sending you all thoughts of warm weather!

07 March 2006

Frustrating day!

I'm just about at my wit's end. I provide childcare for a living and have just recently thought about getting out of it. Right now I've been stiffed for about $600 last month from two different parents, I've had one decide she is going from full-time to very part-time, and then I get the people who want me to provide care for them for 2 or 3 days a month and not charge them for the time that I can't provide care for others because of their "flexible" schedule... Arghh! So now I am looking for a job and I'm giving up. These parents just don't get that I'm not doing this because I'm independently wealthy, I do actually have to be paid what little I ask for... One parent actually keeps her child home when she can find someone else to watch her for free. No regard to me or my situation... So now, the job search begins. I really enjoy staying home with my son, but when you are losing money doing it, I just don't think that it is worth it any longer. How very frustrating!

Hopefully, I'll be able to keep you all updated with my progress, as well as my projects, but please remember that I am experiencing an awful lot of stress over this right now... :(

02 March 2006

It's been busy around here!

WOW has the time been flying! We are just wrapping up our hockey season for both kids, I have accumulated yet another child to watch, which brings the total up to 8 on non-school days and 5 on school days, and if that's not enough stuff, we have been fixing fencing and doing a bit of home improvement. I love when the warm weather hits! I just can't wait until I can go out in it more than what I do now...

I finally got my envelope sent off to my new nephew, Gavyn... I can't wait to see what kind of reaction that gets :) My postman is so cute, he didn't want to cancel the stamps. He was trying to convince my Jeff that it needed to be put in an envelope to protect it! He had to explain that part of the novelty is receiving it just like it is... I'm also in a mailart exchange from SanMan Originals, so I have been busy working on that! I've chosen an nice Silkweaver Solo, a mix of blues and pinks, to stitch it on.

Here is my latest finish, just in time for St. Patrick's Day. He is too cute, but I went through an entire skein of WDW to stitch his hair... :) The beard was all done with french knots using WDW and Wisper Thread. It was definitely alot easier to do than it looks!

Well, I'm off to stitch for a bit while all of my children are still sleeping! This is a very rare treat! :)