23 March 2006

The Wyoming Project...

I received a comment from Daniel Hoffman-Gill regarding what life in Big, Wonderful Wyoming is like. So here are his questions and my answers:

Wyoming is very empty - Wyoming is very open and uncrowded. The entire population of the state is less than the wildlife population. We have more antelope, elk, deer, bears, horses, and other wildlife, than we have people. Most of our land is federally protected, used for recreation and mineral extraction. Wyomjng is not empty, it is just not a full or crowded like other states.

Wyoming is very Republican - Yes, this is true. Except in counties that are rich in mineral extraction. We do have a Democratic governor, Dave Freudenthal and you are in a minority if your are a Democratic. I am a very conservative Democrat, so we aren't that hard to find!

Wyoming is very white - Wyoming's majority population is white, yes. We do have represtatives of all nationalities however. Rock Springs proudly claims to be the home of 51 nationalities. It is no surprise, because Wyoming has the cheapest out of state tuition of most of the colleges in the nation. We have a very large population from the East because of this!

Wyoming likes Dick Cheney - He has roots in Wyoming, therefore he is well liked here, regardless of all of the bad. Wyoming is a place where you support your own.

Wyoming doesn't like booze - Very wrong! I read your blog, you're a bit off base on this. Wyoming has a very large population of LDS members and while they are adamantly opposed to the consumption of liquor, it is not the belief of all. Wyomings legal drinking age used to be 19 year old. It was changed in the last 10 years because the Federal Government blackmailed the state by withholding highway funds. If no for that, it would probably still be 19 years old. Oh and by the way, most all of our liquor stores have a drive up window, so you don't have to get out of the vehicle! :)

Wyoming hates Bill Clinton - Yeah, but we hate Hilary worse! She already had her 8 years in office and yet she wants to run again! Me personally, I liked him, but that is not the general concensus of the population...

Wyoming would be a bad place for me, Daniel Hoffman-Gill, to live - Probably. (edited due to mis-understanding) Especially if you like amenities not typically found in smaller towns. This is a great place to live, especially if you are raising a family! We have abundant indoor and outdoor activities to include: hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, 4-wheeling, archery, skiing, snowboarding, and motocross. We also have some wonderful museums and opportunities of all sorts. We also have very low amounts of crime and pollution. We also have some of the most beautiful skies because of the lack of pollution!

I live here because I choose to. I like the fact that my neighbor can't see in my backyard and that I can walk outside in my PJ's and not offend any one. I have to drive about 80 miles to get to the nearest big city, and as much as I love the shops and restaurants there, I wouldn't live there if I had to! I grew up in the Los Angeles, California area most of my life, and while I enjoy going back to visit now and again, I would NEVER live there again! I know people who would never leave though, including the majority of my family... Too each his own, right?

So I hope that I have answered your questions to your liking. But we are all not like you "pretending to be someone else, hiding behind a wall of alter - egos." Some of us would just as soon invite a person in for dinner that would like to have a conversation. I have met many individuals who have shown such random acts of kindness since I have lived here, that it can't help but infect a person to do the same...


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

WOAH THERE SLICK! I think you're projecting a few of your own insecurities onto me.

I appreciate you answering my questions but you're off base if you think they stem from arrogance. I am very curious about Wyoming and read some things about it and wanted to see if those things were true.

Your name calling and mis reading of the situation is a real shame.

Look after yourself.

Nona said...

If I mis-read than I apologize. I saw what you wrote and you were very negative in your assumptions. Perhaps, you should have approached the situation differently.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

It was a humourous approach, poking a bit of fun perhaps?

Each to their own right?

Anonymous said...

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Barbara said...

I think Wyoming sounds a little bit like Maine. It sounds good to me. :-)

James said...

I followed the link here from Daniel's blog. Wyoming sounds kind of like Texas in a number of ways. I should get up there sometime.

Nona said...

James, it's a bit like Texas, except we don't have a dry line... Or the huge rush of people that are moving there. Most of our population growth is due to people buying vacation homes and retirees. I've been through Texas several times, but I still come home every time... :)

EmilyRoseJewel said...

Dear Nona,

I am from Wyoming and your description is perfect. I grew up in a small town near Devil's Tower. Hulett is the name of the small town. It is one of the few places where you can let your kids run-off and not worry about a stranger nabbing them. From the time I was 4 my mom would kick us out of the house during the day and we would roam miles away from home out into the country. When it was close to dark she would start yelling for us and we could hear her voice echoing across the hills and we would come running. Now, I live in a packed suburb of Auburn, AL & while some might think Al is country it is no where near as country as Wyoming. A common phrase states "When Hell freezes over," and I would add "Yeah, when Wyomings population exceeds the cows population"(ha....). Oh, how I do love Wyoming. People that haven't lived there have no clue.

Sorry for the long post.
Husband of Emily http://personallyblessed.blogspot.com