02 March 2006

It's been busy around here!

WOW has the time been flying! We are just wrapping up our hockey season for both kids, I have accumulated yet another child to watch, which brings the total up to 8 on non-school days and 5 on school days, and if that's not enough stuff, we have been fixing fencing and doing a bit of home improvement. I love when the warm weather hits! I just can't wait until I can go out in it more than what I do now...

I finally got my envelope sent off to my new nephew, Gavyn... I can't wait to see what kind of reaction that gets :) My postman is so cute, he didn't want to cancel the stamps. He was trying to convince my Jeff that it needed to be put in an envelope to protect it! He had to explain that part of the novelty is receiving it just like it is... I'm also in a mailart exchange from SanMan Originals, so I have been busy working on that! I've chosen an nice Silkweaver Solo, a mix of blues and pinks, to stitch it on.

Here is my latest finish, just in time for St. Patrick's Day. He is too cute, but I went through an entire skein of WDW to stitch his hair... :) The beard was all done with french knots using WDW and Wisper Thread. It was definitely alot easier to do than it looks!

Well, I'm off to stitch for a bit while all of my children are still sleeping! This is a very rare treat! :)


Barbara said...

EIGHT kids?! How do you do it? My three run me in circles.

Your little leprechaun is a cutie.

Heather said...

Love your leprechaun Nona. I couldn't cope with that many kids, they'd drive me up the wall.