17 March 2006

Great day!

Today has been wonderful! I wish I had more like today! All of my kids behaved excellent, except for the one who sprayed me with mixed vegetables... :) Ah, well, can't win them all... I had a wonderful mail day, as well... I've been so good, so I think that I deserved my treat that came in the mail. I ordered some of the new Lizzie Kate ornaments and another Jeannette Douglas sampler. I would love to get a few more of them, as I think that they are just wonderful!

Today is also my husband's birthday! He is getting old! So I made him a special dinner of sausage and chicken gumbo (really delicious and filling), a white cake with triple chocolate frosting (okay, I admit, this is more for me! ) and put some shamrock shaped sugar cookies in his lunch... So help me in wishing my loving spouse a very Happy Birthday!!

Hugs to you all!


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Hello there!

I wonder if you can help me, I posted on my blog about Wyoming recently and drew some flak so I'm asking Wyoming based bloggers to put me straight on the joys of Wyoming by asking some questions, the post on my Wyoming Project is here and the questions I have are as follows. I'd really appreciate you answering them if poss:

Wyoming is very empty
Wyoming is very Republican
Wyoming is very white
Wyoming likes Dick Cheney
Wyoming doesn't like booze
Wyoming hates Bill Clinton
Wyoming would be a bad place for me to live

Thanks again for your help!


Barbara said...

Hi Nona! Your birthday celebrations for your hubby sound great! I would have loved to tuck into that gumbo with you - yum, yum! So glad you had a great day (you deserve it!!) and your stash haul is enough to keep you smiling for days to come!

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Stitch said...

Hi Nona! Remember me?? LOLOL It has been a while hasn't it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BIRTHDAY BOY!!! Sorry I missed it but the dinner sounded Wonderful!!! :) Anyhoo, I've missed you!! I'm back home now and will be getting all caught up on journals and stuff! Will have some finishes up here soon! :)