29 June 2006

Bad things come in 3's

Well, it's true... Bad things do come in 3's. It's been a week so far and it's only Thursday... Yes, I'm still excited that I've been accepted into the MA program. That is still very exciting for me. The rest of the week could use some work though!

First bad thing - We're getting a fence installed in the backyard and well, the guy using the auger to dig all of the holes completely mangles our leach field for our septic system...

Second bad thing - Just received yet another turn down letter from yet another company who says that they enjoyed my resume and such, but I'm just not what they are looking for... Well that was obvious since they didn't call to proceed any further...

Third bad thing - Our mortgage company neglected to pay our property taxes and we received a notice that our property was going into tax foreclosure... So we paid them out of our pocket... And they aren't going to reimburse us for them, seems that that is not their problem...

I know it gets better, I'm just waiting to see when... :)

Hope you all are having a better time than we are!

26 June 2006

I'm IN!

I just found out this morning that I'm IN! Yep, I've been accepted to the Environmental Studies program at University of Illinois to begin work on my Master's degree. I've been looking for a program that would inspire me and at the same time enable me to find a good job in the community that I live in. Being in Wyoming, it is very limited on degrees that you can use; educational opportunities are even more limited as there is only one 4 year college in the state and other than that there are only two year colleges spaced around the state. I've already got all of my classes picked out. It should take me about 3 years to get my degree. While it's only 13 classes that I need, I don't know if I can handle a full load while working fulltime and being with my family. The difference between carrying a full load and going part time is only 1 year, so I think that is well worth the wait, my family is much more important!

I'm so excited! I'll keep you all informed of my progress as time goes by. My first semester is Natural Resource Ecology offered by Washington State University, as well as Environmental Social Sciences and Humanities through U of I. Let's hope that this is a bit easier than it sounds. :)

25 June 2006

Another year has past...

Yes, it's true, my littlest angel is now another year older and wiser. Being two years old has brought on an onslaught of responsiblilities and acheivements. Joe now is pretty vocal on his wants and desires and is really starting to get some important words out. On Father's Day, he actually started to say Da-da for the very first time. :) I let my husband know that the little one was sucking up so he could get a Tonka Truck, but that did not succeed in getting him one. Obviously, Jeff, my loving husband, is a bit immune to the cuteness of his offspring. Me, I would have gone out of my way...
For Joe's birthday, we searched long and hard for the perfect gift. We decided that a rough and tumble boy needed to have his own John Deere tractor, so that's exactly what we found, except it is kid size. He has been very busy learning to drive and getting around the lawn. He has even found time to give the Corgi pups a ride around the place


I just have to wonder what the next year will bring. His important words that he has spoken in the last few weeks are: Da-da, tractor, Tater (one of our corgis) and Hhheeeyyy! I know it will only get better!

02 June 2006

Sad news

I guess that some things happen for a reason, even if we do not actually know what that reason is. I have a firm believe in a higher power, I believe in karma, and I do believe that you are eventually rewarded for your good deeds. But, it still makes you wonder why some things happen. Our kitten that we rescued from the back of a pickup has crossed the rainbow bridge. I don't know what happened or why. He was doing so well on formula, and he was showing signs of growth, but when I went to look in on him, he had already passed over. I don't know what I could have done differently, and I know that he was living on a hope and a prayer when I found him, but it still saddens me greatly.

01 June 2006

Oh, the heat

It's hard to believe that it has been a few weeks since I've posted. We have been working around the house ever since the weather turned nice. It's 81 degrees F right now and it's 6pm. I can't wait for Fall to arrive, bring the cooler weather with it.

My pups are getting bigger, it's hard to believe that they will be going to new homes in the next few weeks.

Here's my Joe, surrounded by the little ones.