26 June 2006

I'm IN!

I just found out this morning that I'm IN! Yep, I've been accepted to the Environmental Studies program at University of Illinois to begin work on my Master's degree. I've been looking for a program that would inspire me and at the same time enable me to find a good job in the community that I live in. Being in Wyoming, it is very limited on degrees that you can use; educational opportunities are even more limited as there is only one 4 year college in the state and other than that there are only two year colleges spaced around the state. I've already got all of my classes picked out. It should take me about 3 years to get my degree. While it's only 13 classes that I need, I don't know if I can handle a full load while working fulltime and being with my family. The difference between carrying a full load and going part time is only 1 year, so I think that is well worth the wait, my family is much more important!

I'm so excited! I'll keep you all informed of my progress as time goes by. My first semester is Natural Resource Ecology offered by Washington State University, as well as Environmental Social Sciences and Humanities through U of I. Let's hope that this is a bit easier than it sounds. :)

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Barbara said...

HIP HIP HOORAY!!! I'm so excited and happy for you!! Do keep us posted!

I'm also waiting to hear if I've been accepted for a 3 year program ... I'm terrible at waiting!