04 April 2006

Spring in Wyoming!

Yes, I think that it has arrived! We have been busy trying to do away with all of the signs of winter, like broken tree limbs, fallen leaves and dead weeds. It is amazing how much work all of that is. Our lawn is still brown, but we are seeing wonderful green grass poking up! :) We were just at the store on Sunday buying bulbs to plant in some of the space that we have, so when it starts to bloom, I will take a picture and show you all how wonderful my home and property look when it is all green and lush!

I have also experienced one of the great joys of spring up here, the annual 50% off sale at my local needlework shop! The Iron Kettle has their anniversary sale the first Saturday in April. I actually did really well and only spent $57. I just had to have a handmade box for trinkets and such that has a black area up top to put stitching in! That was my major splurge, other than that I just purchased the Lizzie Kate christmas ornaments that just came out and some floss to finish a few projects... I should have made a list of all that I *needed* but I wasn't that forward thinking at 5am... :)

Well that's all I've been up to recently. Hockey is finally over! :) So we have been able to just hang around the house and work on it and a few other projects. Right now I am also contemplating going back to school, and I am trying to decide on a career that I would like. So far I've got it narrowed down to nursing or industrial engineering. So if you would like to give me your comments on either, I'd appreciate it!


Barbara said...

I love your box!!!

I've had friends who've been in nursing, and on the one hand, you can get a job pretty much anywhere/anytime. On the down side, however, it is terribly underpaid for the amount of stress that's involved and the hours can be horrible. I don't know a thing about industrial engineering....

Nona said...

Thanks Barbara! I love the box also. It's hard to believe that it was for sale for 4 years before I bought it... Lucky me!!! :)

Stitch said...

Hi Nona! Great buy at the stash sale!! LOL Sales are always a great thing!! :)

Our grass is brown too...but it's due to not much rain...hopefully we'll get some good soaking rain here soon..instead of what falls from an angry sky during a thunderboomer...:/

What are you going to plant? FLowers??

Have a great day!


Oh..and I would make a comment about nursing..but I don't want to offend anyone...or persuasive...