08 April 2006

I love this weather!

It has been so beautiful outside lately. I'm so glad that winter is finally on its way out! :) As much as I love the snow that comes in winter, we didn't get very much of it this year. Mostly we had cold with wind... Not much moisture. With spring here, we have had a few good rain storms, which have really greened up everything. We are hopefully planting bulbs this weekend, just to really get the season going for us. :)

I also received the cutest mail art envelope from an exchange on SanMan Originals. Darlene did a wonderful job matching my likes! She also included some size 26 needles and project cards. You can never have enough needles... :) I love flowers and blue is my favorite color. I have posted my envelope out to my partner and as soon as I know that she has received it.


Barbara said...

What a lovely MA!

I'm glad to hear that spring's arrived. We are also getting more sunshine, though it remains quite chilly... it can't be too much longer till the good weather arrives!

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Heather said...

Lovely mail art nona.