30 August 2006


It's been a busy week. School started last week and I have 3 classes, which is not really easy to do since I work 12 hours a day, but I'm getting it. My textbooks have finally all arrived. That in itself was quite the chore to accomplish. I ended up ordering 1 book 3 different times; it finally arrived on the third try. Can you imagine!

Anyways, I've been busy with that and my older 2 kids started school this past Monday. Thank goodness, we were starting to really get on each other at the end. :0) So, woohoo!!!

I'll get a little more in detail next time around, I promise!


Barbara said...

Hey Nona! So glad to hear you finally got your books! Looking forward to more details when you've got the time. :)

Barbara said...

Hi again! How are you doing? Just checking in...