03 July 2006

Everything is just GREEN!

Our homestead is starting to look like a beautiful place again! It's amazing all of the hard work that goes into making a house a home. I cannot take credit for all of this beautiful work. No credit must be given to my better half, Jeff. He has blinders on when yard work needs to be done, forsaking all other chores so that our lawn will be green and lush. He truly loves working out there and making the whole place beautiful. My littlest son, Joe, takes after his dad in that respect. It doesn't matter what the temperature, he wants to be out there playing or working... Me, I'm not that type. Once the weather gets below30 degree Fahernheit, I don't spend too much time outside. But, I admit that I don't like the hot weather either. The heat seems to bring out all of those bugs that hold a buffett on any exposed skin. I could really do without them!

Farmer Joe is hard at work here, helping Dad to clean up the backyard. He is my only child, out of 3, that will clean anything without being asked. It's really too cute! Just give him a rag and some water and he's out there scrubbing the tables, the slide, the porch, his tractor, anything. His grandparents love it! Especially since his dad doesn't clean anything that isn't truck related, and never has. :) I guess there is a bit of me in there after all!

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Barbara said...

This is such an adorable picture! I'm sure that your Joe and my Nicky would hit it off! :-)