05 December 2006

My First Day of Freedom!

Yes, this is the day that I no longer have to log into email accounts and online networks to check for new assignments and results of old ones! This is definitely a cause for celebration!!

I know that I have not been around much at all, so hopefully with the end of my semester that will all change. School took up way more of my time than I actually had available, so I am glad to be able to get back to some of the things that I love, like cross stitching, reading and most importantly, spending lots of time with my family! :0)

However, while this day is cause for celebration, it has not been perfect... I can't believe that four days before my husband's company Christmas party, I broke one of my toes on my left foot. Here I had the perfect outfit, with some great heels, and I will be wearing slippers instead... UGH! How is that for luck?


Barbara said...

Hey Nona, how great to see you again!!

Sorry you broke your toe, but it sure could be worse. My mom broke her leg two years ago and is still having problems from it.

How are you????

Anonymous said...

Hope your toe heals quickly Nona. It was lovely to hear from you on my blog.