02 January 2007

Happy New Year!!

WOW! It is hard to believe that 2007 is here already. It seems like 2006 just started a few months ago. Time really flies when you are busy! Between school, work, and family, I just do not know where time has gone... I'm looking forward to a slower pace, at least for the beginning of the year.

My New Year's resolutions have already begun and I am happy to report that I am off to a good start. :) Here are some things that I hope to accomplish this year:
Blog more often (I have gotten quite out of the habit, I'm afraid)
Finish my unfinished WIPs (Same resolution every year... )
Take time to fish ( I LOVE fishing!)
Don't work so much... (I don't know if there is much I can do about this one!)
Spend lots of cuddle time with the kids... :)
Take each day as it happens.
Take lots of pictures... (I love to look through my albums.)
Take a vacation! (I don't know if this one will happen or not, but I've got my fingers crossed!)
Keep in touch with friends. (Once again, I've gotten out of the habit...)
I think that all of these are do-able. I've started on a few and hope that at the end of the year, I will be able to say that I accomplished almost all of them.

Happy 2007 everyone!

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Barbara said...

Happy New Year, Nona!!! :)