25 January 2007

Community Gathering

What a great time we had! The local community put together an Officer Appreciation Dinner. There was quite a turn out, with 50 or so pots of chili to be served to all who showed up. We, the finalists for Mrs. Wyoming America, were invited to come out and help with the silent auction, with proceeds benefitting the Police Officers Fund, which purchased badges, flak vests and such. We received a good reception and answered a lot of questions! I even got to sign a few autographs! Fun, fun, fun!! Here's a few pictures of the event.

In order of appearance from left to right are:

Brandi - Mrs. Northern Wyoming, Senator Alan Simpson, retired, Me - Mrs. Park County and Becky - Mrs. Thermopolis

I also got to share a laugh with Senator Simpson, while his wonderful wife took a picture. He is quite a character, having regaled us with tales of his youth. My husband, Jeff, is a huge fan of his, so this was quite cool!

For those that have heard his name before and don't quite remember when. Senator Alan Simpson was part of the Iraq Study Group that made recommendations to President Bush. Now no flaming Senator Simpson, but Bush is fair game. :)

Take care, that's all for now...

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Sally said...

Lovely photos Nona. So nice to be able to put a face to the name!