04 January 2007

A Finish, and an End

I am very proud to say that I completed my first project of the New Year. I've been working on this off and on for about 4 months. The design is "Olde Irish Blessing" from Erica Michaels. I loved the way it turned out. :)

The picture just does not due it justice. I am now working on L&L's Angel of the Morning, again... There are just so many similar colors, it is very hard to get into stitching. But, I'm going to try putting it on a rotation and see if that gets it done alot faster!

And then, there was the END....

Of course, something needed to give me a good slap of reality. I was uploading all of the pictures that I took at Christmas, of the kids and their bounty, when my memory card freaked out. After rebooting and trying every way that I knew, I have concluded that I have lost those irreplaceable pictures... It just upsets me! I guess the positive thing is that I didn't lose more than that. So, I'll be looking for a new memory card this weekend, so I can continue to take pictures of the kiddos.

I must say that the weather has been quite fickle here lately. This morning we awoke to driving winds and falling snow, so much so that it took Jeff almost 25 minutes to go about 8 miles up the road! >:o0 Now, however, it is sunny and calm... I'm just hoping that we get feet of snow this winter, as opposed to inches. :)


Sally said...

So pleased to see you back blogging Nona. Love your first finihsh for 2007!

Heather said...

Love your finish Nona. Sorry to hear about your memory card though.