15 December 2005

Is it the weekend, yet?

This week has been terribly busy! At least all three of the kids are doing better. Everyone has pretty much got over what they were sick with, thank goodness... And now that hockey practice is done for the week, I'll be happy to get on the internet a bit more, as well as get some stitching done!! Right now I'm taking a break from my Angel of the Morning, because my newest nephew is due in a month and I sort of forgot... :( I know, I know... But I am fast at work on his gift!!! I am making Lynne Nicoletti's Baby Envelope for the little guy, I'm using the DMC it calls for, but changed the fabric to Blue Slate linen from Dyeing 4 U. It's a lot darker in the picture... But, it is coming along nicely!! I am really, really hoping that Dyeing 4 U comes back after they work through their troubles, because they dye the most absolutely beautiful fabric!

Here's a picture of my oldest... He's a big 9 year old and loving hockey alot! I just hope that we can afford to do it again next year, it is a way expensive sport... He is doing so well for his first year also, as is my daughter! She is the most girly girl I have ever seen, liking to be in fancy dresses and shoes to go to school, but she loves to play hockey, also! Way too funny, it goes to show that she does take after me just a bit!

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Barbara said...

Looking at this picture, you'd never know he's been sick a day in his life! What a great picture! One of our coworkers' daughters also plays ice hockey and LOVES it. Her mom keeps hoping she'll quit because it is a terribly expensive sport ... but she's in her 3rd year and lovin' it.