08 December 2005

It's getting better...

The weather is finally turning a bit warmer here. While the thoughts of a white Christmas run through my head, I would like it to be warmer than -9 degrees F. Yep, that's where the temperature sits right now. My loving husband fixed the frozen pipe fiasco, so now I am all but guarenteed to have running water!! Yeh!!

We also finally got our Christmas tree!! It is a cutey, and I've never seen a Alberta Spruce before, but it will look nice once it's decorated by the kids. We haven't had time to do that quite yet, with hockey and everything else going on... But I promise to post a picture of the little thing as soon as it's all spruced up! Yeah, I know, that was a realllllllly bad pun.. :)

Christmas shopping, however, has not happened yet... The kids just don't realize that you can't take them with you when it's done. They want it to be a surprise, but they don't see why they can't go along... Christmas shopping takes place in the big city, Billings, so it's always a treat to go there! All of the cool shops and restaurants are wonderful, just things that you don't have living in a population of 5000 people.

Sending you all warm thoughts, as I stock up on some more Hot Cocoa...

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Barbara said...

Today I have an 'extra' kid (Max's best friend) so the kids got hot cocoa and oliebollen for an after school snack. Talk about happy campers!

What's an oliebollen, you ask? Sort of like a big donut without a hole. Sort of. They are only eaten at this time of year.