22 December 2005

Just about finished...

I'm so excited, I've just about got my brother's new babys gift done. I chose to do Lynne Nicoletti's Design "Baby." It is such a cute envelope when it is stitched up. I just have to add all of the addresses, but I want to confirm what the baby's name is, so that I can address it properly! I'm just hoping that they use it for keepsakes, but I have this deep down gut feeling that it won't be good enough and it will be thrown away... I know, that's being pessimistic, but they are the type who expects expensive presents... And well, I have 3 kids and my husband is the only one that pulls down a decent paycheck, so... Maybe I'll tell them that the fabric is expensive, so that will make it count... :) I stitched this cute design on Dyeing4U 28ct linen in Blue Slate, as he and his wife are expecting a boy...

Other than that, not much is going on around here. Today is the kid's last day of school until the 3rd of the new year. They are having parties and going to see the Chronicles of Narnia! I'm very jealous. We don't have hockey practice for the next 10 day either, so that will be a nice reprieve!

I received a beautifully written Christmas card from a friend also :) Ever since I've had my last kid, I've had a fit of the girlies and been prone to emotions alot more... And this card set them off... :) LOL... A great card for a friend is an alright reason to make the eyes well up, but geez, I'm starting to get all mushy watching CSI nowadays... It needs to stop!!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!

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Barbara said...

Nona, your kids are so beautiful!!

I'm glad you got a card that made you realize how special you are. I'm so glad we've "met" this year and I've really enjoyed our friendship. Looking forward to getting to know you better in 2006!