14 February 2006

Charity begins at home

I've looked at other sites on the internet that ask you to donate to their cause or support something that they believe in. I have found many wonderful organizations that help so many people, it is wonderful. The hardest thing to teach kids sometimes, is that it is good to give away items, time, money, whatever, to help someone less fortunate! I'm trying to set that example, here in Wyoming, where I live. Sometimes kids just need to see who they are helping... Much like other cities, we have an animal shelter here, but there are very few people who work there for pay, most of the caretaking is done by volunteers. Their budget is also very small. So the local recycling center has set up a program where you can donate your recyclables to Caring for Powell's Animals. What a great way to teach your kids to help others and recycle at the same time! I just had my Jeff take a load of aluminum cans down to the center. What a great way to help such a worthwhile cause.

Another thing that I do is to donate the clothing that my kids have grown out of. Usually I just take it to the Presbyterian Church in the next city, as they run a second hand store. But even then, I wish that others didn't have to pay for the clothing that I gave away. So now I have tried to find individuals in my community that could really use the clothing and that want it. It is amazing how many people will not clothe their child in hand-me-downs, it's either a brand name or nothing! We donated my daughters old winter jacket to the second hand store, and she saw one of her classmates wearing it to school a few days later. I told her that she should not embarass the girl by saying something in front of others, as we all know how cruel kids can be, but I did tell her to let me know the name of the girl's family, so maybe I could give them Jace's clothes once she grows out of them...

Hopefully, the kids are watching me and learning how good giving to others can be... I always believe that karma plays a role in our lives and that to you have to give to get... Whether it be a full live, a good feeling, or maybe the random kindness of an individual, it all comes back to you!

Well, hopping off my soapbox...

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