06 February 2006

Valentine's Day finish

This is a cute little kit from Faithwurks. It is part of their monthly spools kits. This took just a few hours, but I think that the end product is really cute! It makes a neat decoration on my table.

My L&L Angel of the Morning is coming along great, just a few more colors of blue to add and then I can move on to purple... I didn't realize how long this one would take, but I can see progress each time I look at it. I am still hoping to have it done in time for Mother's Day... Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Barbara said...

Nona, this is such a cute little project! And is this the inside of your house? It looks so spacious and cozy!

Nona said...

Yes, that is my dining room/living room area! It's a very open floor plan... :)