05 February 2006


Today was without incident. The kids and my husband spent the day building a fence to keep the horses in their pasture and out of our lawn. There is nothing quite as frightening as walking around a corner and seeing two hooves coming at you... Well, needless to say, that happened to me this past week. These are my babies, well two of them, at least. The one on the very right, is my old man, he is 21 years young... Just as feisty as the other two... But the middle one, Amber, is the master of fence destruction! She has managed to end up in the neighbors garden, our lawn, our haystack, the neighbors corral, pretty much anywhere... So we are getting that problem solved on Tuesday, when the electric fence charger arrives! :)

Now if only these three could be as good as my other babies... This is one of my Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Chief is seen with his pups, he was a great Dad, but very territorial, I always had to make sure that he was being a gentleman with them. These are themost loving, well behaved animals that we have... They are truly as much of a part of the family as one of my children. It would be very hard to not have them around.

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Heather said...

You horses and dogs are lovely. I'm not really a dog person, but these guys are sweet.