09 February 2006

New baby in our family!!! :)

This is so exciting! I love babies! Especially if I'm not the one who has to get up with them in the middle of the night! :) My brother and his wife just had their first son a few weeks ago. They are both very excited, as we all are! This is our first new addition since my son was born a few years ago... It's amazing how the time flies! So now I will need to finish stitching my Baby envelope and get it out in the mail. I'm glad that I waited to finish it, because they decided to spell his name differently than how it is usually spelled and I would not have like to have frogged that!


Barbara said...

Congratulations!! So what is the beautiful baby boy called? He's so perfect!

I still get baby-cravings when I see a baby. I think - years from now - I will really like being a grandmother.

Stitch said...

Oh Congrats Nona!!! What a wonderful present to the family! LOL

Now get to stitchin on the baby envelope so you can give it before the child turns 21! LOLOLOL



Heather said...

Ah congratulations to your brother and his wife. What's the name of your new little nephew?