07 February 2006

One of my favorites

As part of an exchange of sorts that I participated in, I received some beautiful colors of Dragon Floss from MichelleTN on SanMan... This floss is quickly becoming one of my favorite flosses, so colorful and beautiful and it is soo soft, very easy to fondle! :) Of course, I would have to say Vikki Clayton Silks are also very wonderful, I just try not to fondle those so much! LOL! It's hard to imagine that I never knew hand-dyed/overdyed floss and fabric existed when I lived in California for 20 years. I used to get all of my kits/materials from Michaels, so I was limited to LA leaflets and Gold Collection kits... It was not until I moved to the middle of nowhere, Wyoming, that I discovered all of the wonderful notions available to me! I guess that when I was forced to shop by internet, I discovered alot of things... :) Now, my wonderful other half, Jeff, doesn't think like I do... So to him I just have a lot of string and material... He used to ask me what I was going to make out of it! He is just too cute... Now he knows better! LOL!

Thank goodness the internet has been here to introduce me to the wonders of cross stitch supplies and notions and that I may have to keep working to pay for them all!


Barbara said...

I recognize Glints of Gold, Pine Needles, and Moonbeam! I love these fibers, too. Though I discovered they don't work well if you have to frog & re-stitch. :-(

Heather said...

Dragon Floss is lovely isn't it, sometimes I just wish it wasn't wound so tightly though!!!